Tenant Representation

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Our Clients include:

  •  Tenants,owner/users,buyers and investors.
  • Law firms, associations, tech companies, professional services companies, publicly traded and private companies and other users of real estate.

Today’s Commercial Real Estate Challenges

At Elkins Lane Realty Advisors, LLC, we have successfully enabled our clients to save substantial amounts on the cost of housing their business.  In an ever more competitive environment, decision makers must either cut costs or generate more volume–whether it is sales, billable hours, or membership—to continue to improve an organization’s bottom line.  Effective use of real estate directly affects both sides of that equation.  With over 30 years of combined real estate experience, we assist organizations on controlling and/or lowering their occupancy cost, while at the same time ensuring they have the right combination of space, image, cost and flexibility to increase productivity. Just as important to many clients is the ease with which we create a seamless transaction.  We save valuable time for the organization by efficiently executing each segment during the process.

Scope of Services for Tenant and Buyer Representation

For tenants and buyers, typically a four phase action plan is best as follows:

Phase I

  • Select Team
  • Define Requirements
  • Review Existing Lease or Building
  • Survey Market
  • Select Alternatives

Phase II

  • Coordinate Tours
  • Coordinate Design
  • Initiate Request for Proposal
  • Analyze Alternatives  

Phase III

  • Develop a Counterproposal Strategy
  • Negotiate Terms
  • Write Letter of Intent

Phase IV

  • Process Proposals
  • Coordinate Lease or Sales Contact Review and Negotiation
  • Completion Services
  • Individual client requirements often mandate changes to the action plan.  Elkins Lane, acting in consultation with its client, will tailor the action plan to fit the unique needs of the client.

How Can We Save You Money?

By executing an exclusive representation agreement with Elkins Lane Realty Advisors to represent your best interest with full fiduciary responsibility, we can apply our full resources to reduce your occupancy cost:

Informed, Justified Management Decisions.  Over 30 years of real estate experience provides the “comparables” used to evaluate every offer to ensure our clients pay the minimum and to allow our clients’ management to support their decisions with confidence, whether renewing a lease, relocating, or purchasing a building.  Click here for a Questionnaire to help develop a strategic real estate plan

Confidence in Evaluating Your Options.  We start from the point of view of the tenant or buyer, not from that of an owner’s representative who just wants to lease up a building or sell it on behalf of an absentee pension fund or real estate investment trust. Click here for a typical analysis of a lease proposal 

Maximized Construction Dollars and Efficiency.  We use our experience of working with the top architects and construction managers in the area to make the most of every square foot and every construction dollar to protect our clients from overreaching landlords, owners, or contractors.  Click here for a form to help identify your space allocation needs.

Creating Competition

By creating a market for our clients among competing landlords or sellers, we are able to obtain the last marginal dollar for our clients.  This is especially important if your goal is to renew your current lease.  We direct Requests For Proposals to suitable buildings, provide an economic comparison to the responses on an “apples to apples” basis and then counter those proposals that are most attractive, including your existing building and build-to-suit options, if applicable.  We can save you money!

A Special Note On Renewing Leases

If your current facility, whether office, warehouse, industrial, or retail, meets your needs and you anticipate it will continue to do so for the next lease cycle, your goal may be to simply renew your lease at the best possible price and terms.  If so, your need for professional tenant representation services is every bit as great as for a company seeking to relocate or a company starting up and seeking its first lease.  Having worked for some of the largest landlord brokers in the country, we can tell you your landlord is counting on two things:  your inertia and delay. 

  • Inertia:  moving your business is disruptive.  You landlord will notice if you are growing or contracting.  It will count on an existing tenant’s natural reluctance to put forth the effort to move.            
  • Delay:  Your landlord will hope to delay negotiating a lease renewal until the last possible moment as this reduces the tenant’s leverage to develop alternatives that could compete with your landlord’s offer.

How do you counteract these tendencies? 

Even if you have no intention of moving, every tenant should convince its existing landlord that the tenant is in the market looking for space and it needs to do so well before the expiration of the existing lease term.  As your tenant or buyer representative, Elkins Lane will create that market for your tenancy or purchase and leverage other offers to obtain the best terms from your existing landlord or seller.  However, you must start early.  Six months is the minimum to a year before the end of your term.  

How Are We Compensated?

You pay us nothing.  We are recognized up front by the landlord or seller as your representative, and compensated by the landlord or seller or landlord’s representative.

Representative Clients A sampling of recent clients include:

  • SunStar Strategies
  • Hammes Company
  • Orient Express Hotels
  • Giuliani & Associates
  • Miller & Associates
  • ISYS
  • Paloma Systems
  • Martin Focus Group
  • Rolls Royce
  • County of Fairfax
  • City of Alexandria
  • Adhesive and Sealant Council
  • United Cerebral Palsy of DC and Virginia
  • Industrial Designers Society of America
  • Holmes and Doherty
  • Johnston & Westerfield
  • O’Connell Meier
  • International Christian Embassy
  • Sciences International, Inc.
  • Bunyard Enterprises
  • National Association of State Boards of Education
  • The Capital Steps
  • VHA, Inc.
  • Lucas Varity, a NYSE company
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems/McKesson Corporation, a NYSE company